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Thursday, January 26th 2012

12:14 PM

off topic, change comes slow


I can’t add anymore to ‘budget yourself’ better than Rhonda has said.  Both Rhonda and I have been at this career for nearly 20 years, we know how to do it.  My advice, learn from the ‘old salts’ and you’ll have a long career.

Now….I’ve had such disappointment with book shopping lately that I’ve decided, I shall fill the gap I’m seeing in the industry.  Big dreams, huh?  I say, go big or go home.  

I searched through that To Be Read pile and found a couple I didn’t recall buying. I’m having a reading fest right now and enjoying the heck out of it.  But I decided the other day that I have to be more drastic to change my frame of mind from Marines, to knights in armor. (not much of a stretch when you think about it)


Changing my office is one solution.  It’s encroaching on me and looks like a storage locker.  I miss the historical aura that once surrounded me.   Stupid stuff like my tiny resin castle collection and my snow globes of knights and dragons.  I want to write medieval again, but differently than I did before; richer, darker and more dangerous, (at least to me) maybe with historic figures in the mix.  

The only way to go is to plunge right in. 




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