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Tuesday, January 10th 2012

12:02 AM

It’s all about me!

What did I learn about myself in 2011?  I hate these introspective topics, just so you know.  But I’ll be a good Babe.

I learned I don’t do well without structure in my world.  I’m an organization junkie and last year my world was a tad chaotic.  And I place full blame on me.  I should be a better delegator.  I should stop thinking that my way is the only way and ask for help more often.  This week is a perfect example.  I gave my hubby a slide converter for Christmas (he asked for it).  Did I set it up and explain how to turn his slides into stunning .jpegs?  Um, hell no.  Instead I scanned all 273 slides, 12 at a time, for him so he wouldn’t have to struggle learning a new skill.  I’m a moron.  It took forever and I personally don’t give a hoot about his slides.

I think it’s time to get a little selfish.  Selfish can be good.  Sometimes selfish is necessary.  With a little less time spent on other people’s stuff, I can spend more time making my world the organized little bastion I want it to be.  Maybe not a full-on ‘me first’ but in the old days I lived on a schedule.  I didn’t answer the phone when I was working.  I went to the store on a specific day and if we ran short of something the rest of the time I sent my hubby out to hunt and gather.  Hey – that‘s what men are supposed to do. 

Being a writer means being self-directed and apparently I can only do that if my planets are aligned.  That would be planet Bob and planet Katie.  He’s retired and she’s a teenager.  Time for more responsibility on their shoulders.  It’s not like I’d be asking them to split and stack wood.  Just easy stuff like make dinner once in a while and be responsible for their own laundry.  I need to spend more time writing and less time being someone’s bitch.  Because being the bitch makes me a bitch.  Maybe that’s what I learned about myself.

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