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Wednesday, February 9th 2011

11:50 AM

romance and ya!



I write romance – medieval/paranormal, young adult/paranormal – and the Queen’s Garden, out in  2012, will be medieval without the paranormal, lol. I’m addicted to the happy ending. When I settle in for a cozy read, I pick something that will lighten my heart, maybe build the suspense or lead me toward a mystery, but at the end I want it all wrapped up with a shiny bow.

Life is hard, you know? I can’t tell you how many women tell me that reading romance got them through a tough time in their life. Chemo therapy, a divorce, death of loved one. We all want to believe in something better, and hope we can get there. As an author, my goal is to take you away for a few hours and let you slip into another realm.

Romance fiction is pure fantasy. I’ve never lived in a castle, but I sure can imagine how romantic it would be to have my knight gallant storm the gate, cross the moat, battle the enemy all to earn my undying affection. And steal a kiss or ten, lol. After he sheaths his dagger, of course.

Teen romance is different in what level of sexuality I’m willing to write/or read, but the feelings, the passion, are all there.  The promise of a new beginning –there’s something so magical about it that I can’t help diving into a favorite author’s book.

My name is Traci Hall and I am an unapologetic romance writer/reader and believer in happily ever after!

What makes you reach for a romance?

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