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Wednesday, February 2nd 2011

5:38 PM

Wacky Wednesday

Today has been an interesting day – filled with the kind of chaos that exudes living life at its fullest.  I started my day at five a.m – worked until after 11. Starbucks opened at six and it was non stop for at least three hours before catching a five minute breather and doing it all over again.  It is days like today that I really wish I got to stay home and write <g> I wore a pitcher of steamed milk, caramel and mocha. I had customers who just weren’t acting the normal way. I serve a lovely older gentleman the same drink – a tall mocha frapp, light ice, extra mocha – every day for the past two plus years. Today – in the midst of the busy-ness he decides he needs to know step by step how we make it. And that oh yeah, he doesn’t like chocolate. He likes mocha, but not chocolate.  My head might have spun off except that there was another lady right behind him telling me about her soy cappuccino that I hadn’t even started yet. I should have known when one of our customers came in right at six am and talked over the three customers in front of her to get a doppio, and then got mad because she had to wait her turn.

After all of this, I'm stressed because it’s writers group today. I would love to skip because I’m not done with edits for DD valentine, but we’re having a party because Patrice sold a book to TWRP, and Joan sold a book to Camel Press. I can’t ditch. So, I have to shower because I’m literally covered from head to toe in smelly stuff,  and lunch is at noon. I haven’t bought cards or gifts and I’m already late. Still, I try to stop at office max next to duffys to buy cards, but three people jump in line and I’m screwed.  What makes me mad is that there are THREE employees looking at the line, and deciding that we can all just wait. I put my cards down on the counter and left.

Lunch was perfect. We toasted success and then we did the reading and then I had to pick Destini up, and she needed a dress at the mall REAL QUICK – which took another hour of my time.  But in that hour I talked to my mom and read my emails and found out that Boadicea’s Legacy and Beauty’s Curse made the 2010 Bestseller list at Murder on the Beach bookstore. Yeah J

So then I’m out of gas and my light is flashing so I have to stop. I just want to come home and do edits. I hit every red light on the way, but finally I’m home and as a reward there is a copy of the Boca Raton Observer in my mailbox – with me, Linda Conrad, Karen Kendall, Nancy Cohen and Allison Chase aka Lisa Manuel, within the glossy pages. Now that’s exciting.  And that is, up to this minute, my day.  Lots of ups and downs, and now I deserve a glass of wine!


Happy days, Babes!


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