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Monday, January 31st 2011

11:38 AM

The web hates me


I'm baaaaack!  Thanks to all of you well-wishers, it was appreciated.


Why is it that all things internet make me nuts?  If I could go back in time, I'd get a degree in IT so I'd be able to follow conversations with my web person.  I mean seriously, how many times can I grunt "huh?" in one sentence?


Apparently a lot.  A whole lot.  Poor guy, tried for a while to walk me through the steps to fix a glitch in my system.  Except it isn't a glitch, it's more like a problem I created - several problems actually - when the websites went up.  Because I don't speak IT.


It would be wonderful to go in with my trusty codes and tell the pages what I wanted them to do.  Instead, I just sit and hope that the pages won't get screwed up when IT guy is too busy to take my bacon out of the fire.  I admire people with internet skills.  Hell, it took me a week to learn to Skype.  Took my daughter less than 30 minutes.  So not fair.


Which brings me to the question . . . if you could be anything at all (assume you have the skill or talent to do it), what/who would you be?  I used to think I'd love to be a concert pianist.  Now I'm really thinking I'd like to be Penelope on Criminal Minds.  I'd love to be a wicked good hacker.  I'd snoop around; find out who really killed JFK; transfer money from an illegal offshore account into my pathetic checking account; just your basic hacker joy ride.


How about you?

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Posted by Amy:

I'd want to be an interior designer so I wouldn't make mistakes that cost a fortune, but IT skills would be great. Hell... I've been working on these things for 20 years, I should know more!
Monday, January 31st 2011 @ 2:43 PM

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