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Thursday, January 13th 2011

9:54 AM

Extreme Makeover-Home Edition comes to my town....

Yes, I actually saw Ty Pennington with his dumb drug helmet (scarf) on the Air Station this past week.  They are building a home for a Marine's family.  He's in Iraq on his 2nd tour, his wife and 5 kids ranging from months old to 13, live here in a house that has a caving roof and a mold problem that's effecting the children's health.  I know from personal experience, Mold is a quiet killer. I recall on Okinawa, running into the ER cradling Nick and screaming 'he's not breathing,' all due to mold spores. He was on treatments that oddly, ended the minute we were in the US again. So this is a good thing.  Demolishing the house is the only recourse but can you imagine getting a new home, fully furnished by designers with the latest gizmos? 

Yet this is for a Marine family and my heart wants to help.  The sign up to be a 'Blue Shirt' is still going on.  Bob refused to join me, so I think... I'm going myself.  Maybe I'll write something about it for the local paper.  Who knows? I'm game for any task!  

I can't wait for the "Bus Driver.. Move-that- bus!" moment!



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